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"Yes, I decided to do something in this boring life... I started thinking about doing a trip to South America.

You know how these dreams come and are always there, but you never actually start working on realizing them.

Now is the time to do it."

Wim, September 2001


Route planning

We decided not to plan everything in detail as this is impossible and because we want to feel free to go and stay where and whenever we want. Our mail goal is to go from the northern point of South America (Caracas) all the way to the southern point Punta Arenas (Ushuaia). And back again.

This is a rough planning of the route we want to do, the further in time, the less detailed the route is planned.

Venezuela November 2001

  • Caracas, the city of arrival and departure
  • Carribean coast, to relax, adapt to the temperature and to get some colour
  • The Llanos, flat grasslands with local 'cowboys'
  • Rio Orinoco, wildlife, big cats, monkeys, birds, caimans, river dolphins, ...
  • Then to the Carribean coast to find a boat to Cartaghena Columbia

Colombia November December 2001

  • Cartagena, the most beautiful colonial city of South America (some say)
  • Medellin, the notorious city, vibrant and modern
  • Zona cafeteria with coffee farms
  • Bogota, capital city of Columbia
  • Cali, the friendliest city in Columbia, with the passion for salsa
  • Ipiales, the border town to cross to Ecuador

Ecuador December January 2001-2002

  • Otavalo, nice markets, hiking and cycling tours from here
  • Quito, capital of Ecuador
  • National parc of Cotopaxi, vulcans, mountains, hiking
  • The Devils nose train ride from Riobamba
  • Inca ruins on the way to Cuenca
  • Guayaquil, pacific capital
  • Further south to Peru

Peru January February 2002

  • Chiclay, pre columbian culture, beaches
  • Huaraz, gate to the Cordillera blanca
  • Lima, sprawling capital of Peru
  • Cusco, Spanish colonial and inca architecture
  • Machu Picchu, the biggest Inca town
  • Puno and lake Titicaca, with beautiful islands and culture
  • Over the lake to Bolivia

Bolivia February March 2002

  • La Paz, unofficial capital of Bolivia on 4300 meters of altitude
  • Skiing slopes to be used as downhill mountain bike trails
  • Oruro, La Diablada, famous carnaval celebrations
  • Sucre, official capital of Bolivia
  • Potosi, colonial mining town
  • Uyuni, close to the salt deserts, lagoons and rare flamingoes
  • With a jeep tour through the deserts to Chile

Chile February March 2002

  • San Pedro de Atacama, close to the valley of the moon, geysers and hot springs
  • Antofagosta, coast town, we take the plain to
  • Santiago da Chile, capital of Chile
  • Puerto Montt, the lake district, island of Chile
  • Punta Arenas, Chilean Patagonia
  • Crossing border to Tierra del Fuoco

Argentia March April 2002

  • Ushuaia, the most southern town of the civilized world (probably Berlusconi does not agree)
  • Buenos Aires
  • Iguazu

Brazil April May 2002

  • Sao Paolo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Recife, and coast lines
  • Belem
  • Manaus
  • The Amazon, to Boa Vista, then to border Venezuela

Venezuela May 2002

  • Angel Falls
  • ciudad Guyana
  • East coast
  • Barcelona
  • Caracas

1 June 2002 Belgium

Keep on tripping,