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After a very successfull adventure in South America in 2001-2002, it is time for another big trip.

Once the travel bug enters the brain, it stays there forever.

Already a year ago I started dreaming about doing a trip to South East Asia.

And as I said last time "You know how these dreams come and are always there, but you never actually start working on realizing them.

Now is the time to do it."

Keep on tripping!

Wim, August 2004

Down Under 2005

After a great 6 months in South East Asia I took a plane to Auckland New Zealand. I met several nice people from New Zealand who easily convinced me that NZ would be the promised land for me. Mountains, vulcanos, adventure, snow, the sea, hiking...

And they were right ! I had an amazing 5 months, started with 4 weeks on the north island, hitching my way down to the South Island. After road tripping and hiking around, I spent the last 2 motnhs in the winter season, boarding, meeting great people in amazing locations.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this beautifull country.

For my birth day I bought a ticket to Melbourne, to visit a long ago friend we met years before in Patagonia. 3 weeks of fun and super relaxing.

Many thanks

to Katrien and Paul for helping me out with the design of this website ! Thanks to Anne for the great time in Melbourne and beyond, the best birthday I ever had.

Keep on tripping,