Who am I ?

I come from a small town, Balen, somewhere in Belgium. I studied informatics at the university in Leuven, which gave me the chance to spend one year in Barcelona, Spain. Thats where I opened up my eyes and realised Belgium is really small ! So after working in IT for 2 years I started my first big trip, 8,5 months around South America, in 2001-2002 !

It was a very successfull adventure in South America, and an even more relaxed South East Asia trip in 2004-2005, when I extended my exploring life with 5 months in New Zealand, and a bit of Australia.

After getting back to Belgium, working again in that great IT company, the unexpected happened. I lost my job. Considering several options, I decided to try working in tourism, in New Zealand and Australia, starting January 2006. In Tripping.be I logged all these adventures, and slowly evolved from a travelling tripper to a working tripper !

I became a dive instructor in 2007 and came back home at the beginning of 2008. After I have worked in Europe, first on a summer surf camp for FlowTrack in Spain, than as a tourist rep for Thomas Cook - Neckermann in Austria beginning 2009.

My motto is 'keep on tripping', where tripping means

'A psychological phenomenon in which a person can feel an even higher-than-normal state of emotion due to some repeated external stimulus.'

Tripping means stumbling over something new, exploring, being amazed by nature, beauty, love, adventure, the outdoors, life...

The last few years I have discovered so many beautiful things to do to see to discover. Like diving, surfing, hiking through nature, climbing, sailing, mixing in with cultures, going to remote place, exploring fysical limits, ...!

By living this 'tripping' motto, I try to live with less, and this way enjoy living more !

Keep on tripping!

Wim, June 2009